Matthew C. Starr, Trustee

Term Runs Through: May 2021 

Matthew C. Starr was elected Trustee on April 9, 2013. Prior to that, he was elected to serve as Tax Collector from 2009-2013, becoming the youngest elected official in Plainfield Township’s history at the age of 21. He currently chairs the township’s award-winning Youth Committee, which brings numerous services and programs to the younger residents of the township (such as our annual College & Financial Aid Expo). He has been recognized by the Association of Illinois Township Committees On Youth (AITCOY), receiving the Friend of Youth award in 2011, and the Youth Organization Award in 2012. In addition, he serves on the township’s Scholarship Committee, administers the Facebook profile, and is the liaison to The Great Read. He is also the Vice Chair of Plainfield School District 202’s Foundation for Excellence. Taking an active role in the community is very important to Matt, and he enjoys serving in these capacities. He received an M.A. in National Security Studies and also holds a B.A. in Political Science. Matt is currently employed as an Assistant Director of Enrollment for All Campus, LLC in downtown Chicago.

Matt’s goal is to continue to bring quality services to the residents of Plainfield Township, and to work with fellow board members to ensure that township government remains transparent, accessible, and fiscally responsible.